2010’s Film releases that excite me… APRIL!

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Just like every year we all have pre assumptions about what films we want to see in that year.  Many films we have high hopes tend to dissapoint and fail to deliver.  Though thankfully at the same time, there are the films that sneak themselves in the cinemas and turn out to be fantastic.

So although It’s Four months deep into 2010 I believe its time to say what im waiting for! 

I’ll do one month at a time. so April.  Easy month for me, as there is one film that interests me…

The Losers

The Losers : 2010 : Movie Trailer

Based on the comic book by Andy Diggle, hes done some other comics including Swamp Thing, Hellblazer and Adam Strange.  Hes probably best known for this though.  Regardless, the films looks badass.  I just hope the characters are cool and keep me laughing.  If they don’t in my eyes the film fails and falls right into some weak sauce action film cliche.
Though judging from the cast and what I’ve seen in the trailer, this certainly has potential to be great.  Hopefully in the same way I find Crank to be great.  I must try and get the comic read before seeing the film so I can see if it lives up to it.

Unfortunately thats it for April, which is pretty piss poor if im honest, Let’s hope something else comes out and grabs my attention.  This film opens in the UK on April 9th.  Expect a review then or soon after.

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Top Films of the Decade

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I have been a little busy at the moment to update my blog as ive been writing for nerdles.com

so please check out my latest article on there.  Top 10 Films of the Decade.

Also do a friend a favor and check out his Blog.

Stray Dog (1949) – The Dogs B*llocks

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Stray Dog (1949)

Directed by the master himself Akira Kurosawa.  The film follows a cop whose had his firearm stolen and what problems arrise because of this. 

The film starts off rather slow and to some degree felt slightly meaningless.  I felt I was investing my time into this plot that I didn’t really care about the outcome to any of the characters.  I felt this for about half way through the film until suddenly I was gagging to see the finale.  The finale is fantastic the last 20-30 minutes of the film are pure Kurosawa gold!  With great performances from Kurosawas regualr roll call, Mifune and Shimura. 

When looking slightly deeper into the film it is clear that it signifies the post war depression of Japan.  This is done very discreetly yet powerfully through the means of a drought which in turn leads to heavy rain, which I can only assume is symbolic of washing away the problems and heartache of the nation.

Fantastic film a must see for serious film viewers though perhaps not for more casual viewers.

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Prince of Persia TRAILER (2009)

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Prince of Persia Film Official Movie Trailer HD

Initial impressions, this actually looks rather cool.  Some of the wise cracks seem a bit forced, though they might work in the final film with character development etc.  Visually it looks typically Pirates of the Carribbean, which aint really a bad thing- as the look is one of the few things the POTC trilogy had going for it. 

So, I will be keeping my eye on this one, may end up turning out like the typical family action movie, but we shall see.

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Film Triple Kill – UP & JCVD & Dark City

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With me not having much free time at the moment, my blog has been rather lacking in regular updates.

Though I have had the time to watch 3 films in the past week that I had not already seen before.

UP (2009)

JCVD (2008)

Dark City (1998)

Starting with UP, being a big Pixar fan I had high hopes as anyone in their right mind would.  Being my first 3D film experience I was sat in the cinema pretty excited for the film to start.

The opening few scenes that introduce the old man, are fantastic.  It’s a prime example of how Pixar hit you emotionally and they hit hard!  Then everything goes down hill slightly, the film does keep up with the humour but it just ain’t enough.  The overall story of the film seems slightly weak, which is such a shame.

So to conclude it simply is not as good as prior Pixar films, Wall-E still stands firmly on the Pixar top spot for me.  UP does not feel half as solid in terms of content and if I am honest, visually it does not win me over either. 

JCVD – from start to finish it was incredible, went in blank slate with this one only to leave thinking it was amazing.  Really pulls on the heart strings, it all feels very real, with great cinematography and an extremely mis leading cover.  The film itself is far different from what i could have ever imagined.  JCVD has proved he is a good actor, although he is playing himself – he delivers everything in such a sterling manner, that really makes you sympathise with him. 

I cant stress how much i recommend this one and how thankful i am for my friend putting this on, as it was already too long not seeing this!  I don’t want to give away any of the plot so i will leave this and move on…

…with Dark City, this was a spur of the moment watching experience and I had not had much prior knowledge of exposure to this, so I went in watching with a blank slate.

From the opening scene is was engrossed with this films dark plot of murder which develops into something far more complex and interesting.  Visually the film is gloomy and melancholy and it looks great.  I think the main let down for this is the final scene, the battle between in protagonist and the antagonist, I just felt it ruined the film slightly as it seemed a little OTT- but looking beyond that slight problem the film is rather good.  It reminded me a lot of la jetee, which is a fantastic film (which later became Twelve Monkeys which is equally as great)

So overall, a bit of a hidden gem with Dark City, check it out.

To conclude, I honestly think JCVD had the biggest impact on me of the three, but then again im a sucker for French cinema.

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Zombieland (2009) – Spicing things up!

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Zombieland (2009)

This was certainly an interesting watch.  It keeps to all the generics codes and conventions, with certain character cliches and stereotypes.  Then it just adds a bit of spice!  Zombie fans have always liked an addition of humour and tongue in cheek zombie killing, and this does just enough of it to keep it in the realms of good and not letting it step into outright stupidity!  Shaun of the Dead also does a fantastic job of getting this nice blend of adhering to audience expectations and developing on it. 

I really liked the opening credits of the film, they were very Watchmen esque but packed more punch!

I am very surprised this was not an 18 certificate as it is rather gorey as any decent zombie flick should be!  It certainly must be borderline.  One can only hope for a potential directors cut of the film which breaks into an 18, with some added scenes.

Woody Harrelson does a great job as this all American badass zombie ass kicker – He is hilarious!  I was also pleasently surprised with Jesse Eisenberg’s role as the lead – put simply I didnt hate him like I expected.  For those of you who are unaware of a certain cameo that appears in the film, I will not do the cruel thing and spoil it in anyway possible – Though it IS fantastic!  The scenes surrounding the cameo are certainly the best scenes in the film.

So decent film, not your average terrible horror film, its far better than that.  he opening credits of the film were great reminded me of the ones in Watchmen but with added zombie!
I sense I will be watching this again and again once it is released on Blu Ray and DVD as its just one fo those great easy watching films! 

So for any sceptics out there, It is so much better than you expect!

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Ratatouille (2007) – A Fine Cuisine

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Ratatouille (2007)

I have been long over due seeing this, now I have finally had the pleasure of experiencing another of Pixar’s masterpieces.

Pixar seriously can not do anything wrong, though I am still in need of seeing Cars and The Incredibles.  Though no doubt they will be fantastic too especially from what I have heard.

From the moment the film said go, I was drawn in and felt emotional attachment to the characters, something Pixar hit on the button every single time and that’s great characterisation.  I found myself regularly having a slight tear in my eye with the many heart warming scenes.

Visually its fantastic, every detail is made to perfection for example when the rats get wet etc. it really does look great, this is something fans of Pixar have grown to expect.  But they still manage to impress with each film they create.

The Initial plot comes across as quite simple but thanks to the fantastic characters and humour it is like clockwork.  It not only appeals to children but adults alike, but this you already know from past experience with Pixar’s work.

So to conclude, it’s great not one of Pixar’s best but certainly a one I shall be watching again, and no doubt investing in the Blu Ray version.

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