I was born in Shotley Bridge, County Durham on the 3rd of December 1987.
I attended St Patricks R.C. Primary School in Consett and then in 1999 I made to move to secondary school where I attended St Bedes Catholic School in Lanchester. After this I went onto to study my AS and A2 levels at the 6th form section of St Bedes.

After applying to numerous universities I then got into Sunderland University where I completed a Bachelors Degree in Media Production ā€“ Television and Radio. During this time at University I completed two short films and one documentary short ā€“ All of which can be found on this site.

My passion for film comes from being very young, I was always encouraged to watch films as well as read. Because of this I love storytelling as well as the filmmaking process on the whole. I grew up watching Laurel and Hardy and although I was perhaps a little young at the time I was brought up on Bruce Lee films as well as other Kung Fu classics. Regardless whether it was action or comedy it fascinated me.

Live Action aside when I was around 14, I began watching Japanese Anime. Then from the age of 17 I began attending Conventions for Anime and Manga. This gave me the opportunity to meet other people with the same interests as me. Though perhaps more importantly gave me a chance to show off my creativity as I started editing together Anime with different pieces of music to create Anime Music Videos, since then I have won awards for my videos.

This brings me to where I am today, a budding filmmaker still in love with the classics such as Laurel and Hardy, Chaplin as well as Asian Cinema from Kurosawa or Wong Kar Wai. I am captivated with the life and works of Charles Chaplin, truly one of the Pioneers of cinema.

Now I pass my time watching more films as well as reading about different filmmakers as well as filmmaking techniques. I also do some screenwriting as I really enjoy it and I believe this is where my ability shines, in my story telling.


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