Legend of the guardians (2010) – Engrossing Family Fun

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of


I remember when I was granted the pleasure of watching the trailer for this. I was sat in awe at its visuals and brilliant looking ‘owls.’  I had to see it, from the trailer alone I could tell I’d become attached to these characters and no doubt shed a tear.  This is something many animated films have on me, if done well they can reduce me to tears with ease. 

After somewhat forgetting about this I come across the fact that it’s Directed by Zack Snyder.  I literally had to do a double take, I thought surely not! The trailer doesn’t showcase this fact at all, obviously because its primarily a family film and Snyders resume is not really family friendly. 

Enough back story to this viewing.  I watched this in Imax 3D which I would certainly recommend viewing this in, just as I would Avatar but unlike Avatar this is not dependent on viewing it in 3D.  This film would equally appeal to me in 2D, which is what I’ll be viewing it in when I buy it on Blu Ray. 

I know a lot of people who have negative assumptions of this film before they see it.  Perhaps they don’t think owls are cool?  This will change that.  Just like everything else Snyder touches, he adds the cool factor to it.  He may not be the best film maker of our generation.  But he’s always willing to try something new and perhaps on orthodox.  In this case, it’s meant to be a family film though it does have some really dark undertones.  It really does feel quite violent at disturbing for children, though they wont see it like that.  So it works for children as well as it works for the Adults taking them.  I’m not going to go into details, about it making you laugh and cry – But it does!

Thanks to the films interesting ‘owls’ you can’t help but get involved and get excited!  Obviously the overall theme has been done before though thankfully in this case its done shockingly well.  It does what Avatar tries and falls to do.  As far as I’m concerned this is going to be shocking favourite for many, It’s up their with my favourite animated films.  Don’t get me wrong this is by no means as amazing as Wall-E or Coraline.  I speak so highly of this in an attempt to get more people to give it a try and enjoy it, which is what will happen.

Can we have more Adventures from Ga’Hoole please?

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~ by AntAskew on 22/10/2010.

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