Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) – Good work Mr. E. Wright

Sott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

As you know I was in two minds about this.  Originally hearing about the project excited me, and I ain’t even a reader of the comics.  So I can’t even begin to imagine how ecstatic fans of the franchise were.  Though what begun to annoy me, perhaps elitist of me to say but it was the people who suddenly jump on the band wagon.  Suddenly, everyones a Scott Pilgrim fan and everyones read the comics.  Hell prior the announcement of this I’d barely heard of the thing, yet everyones Brian Lee O’Malley’s biggest fan!  But what excited me about the project, was who was involved.  I love Edgar wright, he’s great at what he does and never fails to impress.  The cast seemed great, people complain about Cera alledgedly playing himself in every movie he’s in.  I really don’t care, I like him and I like his voice, so already he was a good choice for Scott Pilgrim (Who I knew nothing about.)  Though credit where credits due, the overall premise excited me.  Did it deliver?

Short answer is yes.  I enjoyed it, though I am by no means going to rush out and suddenly become a Scott Pilgrim fanboy.  I’m going to leave it as a movie I enjoyed and had a good laugh.  It ticked my humour boxes with thick black ink!

The main reasons I enjoyed it though was its visual flare.  I felt this same way about Speed Racer when I first watched it.  It is an orgasm on the eyes, well shot and a fantastic use of effects.  It was exciting, something I always merit is when a story no matter how zaney and out of this world.  It draws you in, it has you believing!  Perhaps this is mainly due to the writing and direction as it made the transition to film brilliantly!  Something that is extremely hard to do with comics.  But Wright did it and he did it well!

Though beyond this golden ocean, beyond the sparkles there was one little problem.  There was a point in the film where it lost momentum.  I suddenly felt something wrong in its pacing, I’m not sure why?!  Nor can I really pin point which moment it was, but it was during some of the final scenes.  But thats just nit picking, though it was a big nit pick, it was a shame to see this gorgeous film become ever so flacid at one moment.

I think there will be two kinds of reactions from this.  One, someone who really clicks into the movie and gets a good viewing experience from it because of the geeky humour and nice little odes to other mediums.  And two, the person who watches this and can’t make any sense of what and why, not that I’m saying they are stupid.  Just it wont click for everyone.  But thats the way it goes.  I can really see me getting this on DVD or BluRay as its great easy watching, with a kick ass soundtrack and visual bliss!

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