Scott Pilgrim Hype

It’s almost released here in the UK.  Most people have already seen it.  I was looking forward to see this even though never reading the comics.  Though now I think it’s lost its charm on me.  I really don’t know what it is, perhaps everyone around me reading the comics and me refusing to jump on the comic band wagon.

All that aside, I still think this has the correct ingredients with what appears to be the right ingredients and certainly the right Chef (Edgar Wright)  But will it transend itself well to the big screen?  I can only hope this has the Speed Racer effect on me and I instantly fall in live with this while watching. 

Will people love this for the sake of loving?  Will they love this and refuse to hate because they said it would be so good?  Obviously fanboys are going to love regardless!

The main reason I posted this was the fact I was long overdue for a post and this is one of the few things thats on my mind right now.  Perhaps I’ll start doing the weeks news in bits and my thoughts.  for example, Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, sounds pretty beast!

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~ by AntAskew on 17/08/2010.

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