Iron Man 2 – Good things come to those who wait…patiently!

IRON MAN 2 (2010)

It’s here!  After what feels like a bit of a long wait since the first in
the franchise, two years on and Jon Favreau blesses
us with a sequel.  It had a lot to live up to in comparison to how great
Iron Man turned out to be.  That film broke all expectations and secured
itself as one of the best comic book movies of all time, at far as I’m

One thing I believe would always stand in the way of the movies
success was Iron Man’s roster of nasties from the comics; there is no one that
stands out extremely well.  They have always been dwarfed by other
villains from other movies.  Personally that is far from a complaint for
me, because I believe what makes Iron Man great is the human side to Tony
Stark, the man in the Iron Mask so to speak.  That’s what makes Iron Man
my favourite comic book hero.  But that aside, I believe it to are the
masses that demand and more so expect great villains. 

This new movie delves into Stark’s dark times, not as thoroughly as
one could want but it does it enough and keeps the movie fun enough. 
Which when it all boils down to it all, that is what this is all about! 
Fun is what made the first movie so great, watching the great exploits and
comedic moments of Tony Stark.  Who once again is portrayed by no one more
capable and suitable for the role, Robert Downey Jr. He
did everything right in the first, and he has kept it up once again in this,
mind you that is thanks to the hilariously written script by Justin Theroux.  The script it brilliant, it
literally feels like a laugh a minute, it’s paced so well and feels so solid.

One thing I found better than the first was the action scenes, I was kind of
worried with this one as I expected all the fight scenes (which is not many)
with Scarlett Johansson to be clumsy and clunky. 
They weren’t which was such a relief for me, though one thing to note, she is
bloody gorgeous from the moment she shows her face/body till the credits roll,
even then I’m wanting more screen time of her.  But that aside, the action
seems a lot more exciting and once again fun!  I have heard people
complain about the action in the movie, but if they were to go and read the
comics, there is not a great deal of amazing action in those (with exceptions
of course.)

One thing they hit right on is visuals.  I love seeing the Iron Man suit on
screen, it looks brilliant.  Then it moves, and it moves exactly how you
would expect to, it may sound weird, but after reading the comics.  The
way it moves and maneuvers it’s perfect! 

Many of you must be thinking, but which is better? IM1 or IM2?  I like to
think them as more of a single story or a series.  In other words, thats
me thinking of excuses as to why I can’t decide which I prefer.  Both do
the comic great justice and both are as fun as the next! 

If you like the comics or want a good laugh.  Or perhaps want to see what
RDJ does best?  Then this is for you!  If you love the first, you
will love this!

I just can’t wait to see more of the cross over movies marvel have planned,
such as the Avengers story arcs and hopefully, fingers crossed Civil War!

I think Marvel has seriously found their footing with their movies now, and I
just hope they can keep it up!


~ by AntAskew on 03/05/2010.

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