Most satisfying news of the year!

I cant help but feeling the most intense satisfaction about a single piece of film news that was released earlier today.

Friday 13th: Part 2 has been sent the morgue, thank god!  This news has had as big an impact on me as I would to find out the Halo movie was going into production.  I have reason for this hate, simply last years reboot of this franchise was one of cinemas biggest attrocities.  Seriously, knowing this is music to my ears sang to me by no other than Braid Fuller, who said…

“It is dead.  Not happening.  Right now there is no movement.”

Hopefully it never gets so much as the slightest stir to inspire any further development.  Unless someone worthy of the franchise walks along and fancies a knock at it!

After further reading, I am actually quite surprised the production company didn’t push it out as they made $40 million in its opening weekend for last years piece of crap!  Though I was one of those fools to go and see it that weekend.

On a side note,  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have signed on for Men in Black 3… I am indifferent about this, for me it will just be a passing summers breeze, let’s hope it passes quickly and quietly.  For those that care, its going to be in filmed in 3D. 


~ by AntAskew on 22/04/2010.

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