2010’s Film releases that excite me… MAY!

May for me has so much potential.  Two films this month, Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood. 

Iron Man 2 Trailer (OFFICIAL)

‘Robin Hood’ Trailer HD

Iron Man 2
Being a huge fan of the comics, when the first film was announced I could not wait especially when Robert Downey Jr. was revealed to be playing Tony Stark.  It almost felt like a match made in heaven and thankfully the movie turned out pretty good.  Certainly one of the better comic book films of recent years and it goes to show Marvel do have potential in their entrusted movie franchises.

The problem with the sequel is it has some pretty big boots to try and fill, the main charm from the original was the character development of Tony Stark, though that is all done and dusted.  So it appears now to be boiling down to an action flick, one can only hope it focuses on the downward spiral in Starks life rather than CGI visuals as entertaining as they maybe, at times lack substance.

Though Justin Theroux is now at the helm of the script, so one can only hope it turns out for the best.  Although I have my doubts and worries about this film, It has to be one of my most anticipated movies of 2010.

Robin Hood
One can only hope this is another Gladiator.  I’m still slightly skeptical about this, though it seems to have a great cast and obviously Ridley Scott directing it.  It has a recipe for greatness, but at the same time it could be a huge let down.  Though is Scott’s prior work is anything to go off no better man could have had this job bestowed upon him. 

This could potentially be one of those masterpieces that are forever remembered and forever loved by everyone, or it could be Kingdom of Heaven.

Will May these two films make 2010 a golden year for cinema?  Probably not.


~ by AntAskew on 18/04/2010.

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